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  • Topher White, il 33enne che sconfigge la deforestazione usando vecchi cellulari (e la forza della rete)
    30/08/2015 14:26:38

  • Magento with xDebug, web services API and testUnit
    29/08/2015 22:49:49

  • RT @6: Retweet this if you ever owned a computer with a "turbo" button. #memories
    06/08/2015 08:41:05

  • @benmarks I just wanted to update but composer fails returning magentoroot/pkginfo doesn't exists
    05/08/2015 17:48:43

  • I'm trying to update #magento to through composer but it fails... Is it just me, or there's something wrong with the pkginfo dir?
    05/08/2015 15:31:43

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